A-XOC Protective Underpants


Our A-XOC underpants has been created to complete the offer of A-XOC underjacket

With protectors at the hip and knee level, completed with a coccsys protection, those underpants will protect you while beeing totally invisible under all your pants.

Our A-XOC underpants have integrated protectors  and  they are made of lycra material. They are like a second skin and they will always follow your moves. The knee protectors will not irritate you when you walk and will be well placed when you ride.

Also, you can wear regular jeans, kevlar or leder, no need to add a size to be able to wear a protectors, with only 7mm thickness , they are even hardly noticeable.


Once again, with A-XOC : PROTECTION & COMFORT , no need to choose !


Our A-XOC protectors  are CE certified CE 1621-1:2012 to the highest level : Level 2


Washing instructions:

Underpants requires only gentle washing 30°C or less with regular cleaning product. No ironing needed

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